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A Social Media Management Agency for
businesses of all sizes.

Grow your business, Gain more customers, Increase brand awareness & Experience social
media success.

Social Media Management Agency

Social Advertising Solutions for businesses of all sizes.

At Social Advertising Solutions we offer a full range of social media services. As a result, we curate and manage highly successful social media campaigns for all types of businesses. For instance, our company manages popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so that you can focus on running your business. We use all the latest social media marketing tools and services to help businesses thrive and meet their aims & objectives. 

Social Media Management Agency

Freelance Social Media Management Agency 


We offer range of Social Media Marketing solutions to our client. We are a social media management agency that will tailor our service to your needs. More importantly, there are hundreds of reasons why Social Media Marketing will help your business flourish and grow your brand. Below are a few of the reasons why you must Get In Touch to reap the rewards. It would be foolish not to!

Social Media Management Agency Facebook LogoFacebook

Firstly, Facebook has 2 billion active users. Therefore, whether your goal is to drive engagement on a post, send people to your website or find new leads for your business, there’s an advertising objective to help you. However, these are just a few of the reasons why Facebook advertising is a smart choice:

Boosted posts: Secondly, Boosting a post will assist in acquiring more users to like, share and comment on your posts. In addition, boosted posts are also an excellent method of reaching new interested people who currently don’t follow you on Facebook.
Page ad: Thirdly,  Promoting your Page may assist in getting more users to click ‘like’ and follow your Page.
Website ad: Finally,  Promoting your website may assist in attracting more users to visit your website.
Promote call-to-action button: People can interact with your Page through your page’s call-to-action button. It can be customised to promote your Page’s objectives, for example, by allowing visitors to book appointments or make purchases or by leading people to your website. Creating a call-to-action ad helps drive conversions that matter to your Page.
Social Media Management Agency Twitter LogoTwitter

You Pay for Performance: When you promote tweets on Twitter, you only pay when you’ve achieved your marketing objective.

Whether your goal is website conversions or Twitter engagement, you only pay when people take that action (any additional organic impressions and engagements are free bonuses!). It’s the same for everything with Twitter.

Keyword Targeting: Keyword targeting is a remarkably interesting and precise way to go after specific people who have demonstrated intent on Twitter. You can target people who have used a specific word or hashtag in their Twitter update (or people who have interacted with tweets containing those words) in the last seven days.

Tweet Engager Targeting: Tweet engager targeting is another way to reach an audience in a remarkably targeted way. With this form of advertising, you re-market to people who recently saw or engaged with your tweet.

Tailored Audiences: Did you know you can target every Twitter user who follows specific accounts with your Twitter ads?

Social Media Management Agency Instagram Logo


key reason brands advertise on Instagram is the efficiency of this marketing channel: Reasonable advertising costs and a setup process that’s aligned with Facebook advertising makes Instagram ads an easy way to reach a wide audience.

Instagram Advertising Is Constantly Evolving: If you’ve read about Instagram’s monthly updates, you should know that the platform is updated regularly to provide better user experience (and making advertising there even more efficient). New campaign objectives, photo filters, influencer marketing features Instagram Story formats… This is only the beginning!

People and Advertisers Love Instagram: According to Pew Research, 51% of Instagram users access the platform daily, and 35% say they look at the platform several times per day.

Engagement Rate: The engagement rate on Instagram is higher than the engagement rate on any other social media platform, especially for purchasing purposes. As long as your product is visually engaging, you could drive purchases which are beneficial for your ROI.

Social Media Management Agency Pinterest Logo


Pinterest Users: While Pinterest users are mostly women (70%), the platform has also seen a big increase in the number of men signing up as it fast becomes a go-to site for finding and saving ideas and inspiration of any kind.

Why use Pinterest ads: Pinterest ads offer marketers the chance to earn awareness and consideration from Pinterest’s 250 million users early in their consumer journeys. And connecting early works: 98 percent of Pinners say they’ve tried new things they found on Pinterest, versus 71 percent on other social media platforms.

Making Purchases: Because of its collaborative nature, 96% of Pinterest users use Pinterest to research what they’re buying. On top of that, 87% of people report Pinterest helped them to decide what to purchase – meaning they acted upon the information they discovered on the social network.

Secure High Value Orders: Because Pinterest advertising can help you secure high-value orders, it’s time to stop putting a pin in it and think seriously about how Pinterest can promote your business. With over 175 million users, Pinterest is a platform that continues to gain momentum. 


Content Creation

Content Creation

A Social Media Management Agency that will curate content tailored to your business for use on your Social Networks.

More Engagement

More Engagement

Start conversations with your connected followers that build a long lasting relationship. More likes, follows, shares, comments, retweets, click-throughs is a reality with our Social Media Management Agency.

Better Reach

Better Reach

Our Social Media Management Agency focuses efforts in the right places, works smarter, posts the right types of content and promotes your profiles everywhere.

Process/How it Works

All you need to do is get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page and describe the nature of your business to us. Are you a services or goods oriented business? Do you have a website? Do you currently use any form of Social Media? The more information you can provide the better we will be able to deal with your Social Media Marketing solution through highly skilled digital marketing experts at our social media management agency.


Learn about your audience, competition and one-self.


We curate content specific to your business needs.


We will help you grow your Social Media following.


We design content specific to your audience.


Written language will be legible, and appealing.


Eye catching colours matching your house style.


High quality images to capture your audience.


Targeted advertising to reach the right audience.


Interactions with your followers that last forever.


Receive a constant source of new traffic using blogs.

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Examples of Work/Gallery/Before & After

Coming Soon. You will soon be able to see samples of our work in the videos below.

Social Media Management Agency promoting bathroom installation
Social Media Management Agency promoting fast food
Social Media Management Agency promoting hairdressers


Check out the client feedback below to read all about our many satisfied customers. We take great pride in ensuring all our customers are one hundred percent pleased with the end result. 


This helps our customers find answers, without asking. Saves you time and alleviates and queries or concerns in the first instance. Our social media management agency will look after all your needs so you can look after your business.

Let’s make it happen!

Get in touch via the contact form, and I’ll reach out to you to organise a call/meeting to see how I can help.